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Introduction — SL 
What Plasmon 
Jurors’ Report 
How to Use Plasm 
Plasmon Weights a 
Soups ... 

Fish, Meat, and Vegetable Dishes 


Cakes, Biscuits, and Bread 
Invalid Cookery and Diabetic Food 

Plasmon Preparations and Prices 

Index ... 

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CONSIDERABLE interest attaches to the collection of 
recipes which we now present to the reader. 

The Plasmon Exhibit , consisting of a large variety of 
Plasmon dishes , Plasmon pastry, cakes and bread , shown 
at the Food and Cookery Exhibition, held at the Royal 
Albert Hall in April, 1903, was awarded the highest 
certificate of merit. 

International Plasmon , Limited, 

66 a, Farringdon Street, 



In issuing this New Edition (1903) we have added a 

number of 

Ordinary Household Recipes, 


For Daily Use. 



Report on the Culinary Value and Possibilities of Plasmon 
in “Food and Cookery,’’ August, 1903. Edited by 
C. Herman Senn. 

S INCE the science of dietetics has become more intimately 
allied with the art of cookery, it has been recognised that 
the so-called “rich foods” are not always the most 
nourishing. That is to say, there are many substances which, 
while most useful as stimulants and producers of fat, are 
practically devoid of all flesh-forming and waste-repairing 
properties. Such foods taken in excess are positively harmful, 
loading the human system with substances difficult to eliminate 
and which induce disease. At the other end of the scale are 
starchy and watery foods, of less nutrient value. Of course, 
the aim in planning a dietary or cooking a meal must be 
to properly choose different foods, so as to provide a well- 
balanced ration. But with the modern exigencies this is 
not always easy to do, and hence has arisen the necessity 
for prepared foods. These are, as a rule, associated with 
the feeding of the young, the aged, and the ailing. There 
are certain preparations, however, which have a far wider 
application. Take Plasmon as an instance. Plasmon is a 
white granulated substance, devoid of scent or flavour ; so 
it can be easily manipulated, and when used in cookery 
does not alter the taste of any dish. It is, therefore, safe 
to use. Now let us consider the advisability of using it. 
Well, Plasmon is the scientifically prepared albumen of pure 
fresh milk. It is an albumen which is in no way altered, 
so that it possesses all the nourishing qualities of the albumen 
of meat, white of egg, or milk, without the bulk of water. 
Unlike the casein of cheese, the albumen in this preparation 
is chemically unaltered ; consequently it is quite digestible 
and easily assimilated. As albumen is the chief requisite 


of the human system for the restoration of waste of muscle, 
nerve, bone, etc., etc., the importance of this substance will 
be at once recognised. As Plasmon possesses no flavour 
or scent, it can be safely added to any dish, with the surety 
that it will add enormously to its nourishing properties, 
and, moreover, assist in making it light and digestible. 

In practice it is found that Plasmon can be used in endless 
ways, and that, if properly handled, it adds to the lightness 
of cakes, bread, and sweets, and gives a rich, smooth character 
to savoury and vegetable dishes. As a mere enricher, it can 
be sprinkled over a dish like salt, but for cookery purposes 
it requires a little skilled preparation. 

The following recipes have been compiled to serve as a 
guide for the numerous ways in which Plasmon can, with 
profit and advantage, be used in cookery. These dishes, 
and the directions given to show the best way to prepare 
them, will amply prove all that is claimed for Plasmon. The 
hints given will be found useful. This, added to the know- 
ledge gained by experience, should help to make all dishes 
in which Plasmon is used — and there are but very few indeed 
where it cannot be employed — more nourishing, and there- 
fore more profitable. 

Variety in food often offers difficulties. There are not 
many varieties of meat, but few species of fish, and not too 
many vegetables. How, then, can one obtain variety ? This 
is answered by Plasmon, which will prove an excellent aid 
to bring about variety, by taking the following recipes as a 
basis for a number of other dishes by merely substituting 
the chief ingredient for another. Variety, it is often said, not 
only charms the palate, but frequently it is the means of 
creating an appetite in those to whom the mere thought of 
food has been distasteful. Good cooking does not always 
mean expensive cooking, and as a rule the best cooks are the 
most economical. The use of Plasmon spells interior economy , 
because when properly blended and treated upon correct 
culinary lines, food thus prepared fulfils that important 
mission of making it more wholesome, more varied, more 
pleasurable, and therefore more profitable in the end. 

We are indebted to the August and September (1903) 
numbers of “ Food and Cookery,” edited by Mr. C. Herman 
Senn, for a number of the recipes appearing in this book. 




The name PLASMON distinguishes our preparations of Milk 
Albumen or Casein from the analogous preparations of all other 
Manufacturers, and is our Registered Trade Mark. 

P LASMON is the albumen of pure fresh milk in the form 
of a dry, soluble, granulated cream white powder. 
Albumen (termed proteid) is the nourishing principle 
contained, in varying quantities, in all foods — whether animal 
or vegetable. It is the principal substance in the food which is 
absorbed by the system for forming and feeding all the com- 
ponent parts of the human body (blood, muscles, nerve, bone, 
brain, etc.), and for renewing the waste which is continually 
taking place in the system. 

Flesh-forming albumen is only present in very small 
quantities in most foods ; it results, therefore, that a large 
bulk of food is eaten without perfect nourishment being 

The albumen (proteid) in fresh milk is the very nutriment 
itself provided by Nature, and is therefore the most perfect 
form of food. But the milk albumen (proteid) is liable to 
speedy changes, which render it insoluble and indigestible. 
The methods used by casein or proteid manufacturers in the 
drying of the casein or proteid of milk alter the nature of the 
albumen, and any addition of a free alkali (carbonate of soda, 
potash, etc.), however minute in quantity, to the dry casein, 
renders the proteid worthless as a nutrient, and probably 
harmful to the digestive system. 

It has been the aim of science to overcome this difficulty, 


and to preserve the albumen (proteid) of milk in its natural 
unaltered condition. Plasmon is the result of prolonged investi- 
gations. It is the albumen (proteid) of pure milk, containing 
its most important original salts, prepared by a process which 
does not alter its vital and physical properties or in any way 
lessen its nourishing effects. The albumen (proteid), as in 
fresh milk, remains absolutely pure and soluble, though in 
a dry granulated form, and retains its properties unchanged 
for an indefinite period. 

Plasmon added to any food — no matter how poor such may 
be in albumen (proteid) substance — at once raises the nourish- 
ing value of the food, a teaspoonful of the Plasmon powder 
being equal to the nutriment contained in | lb. of prime 
fillet of beef. It is flavourless and odourless. 

Plasmon, owing to its high nutritive qualities and the 
perfect way in which it is assimilated, invigorates the digestive 
system, so that other foods taken with it, or after it, are more 
easily digested. Although it increases the weight, it does not 
do so by inducing an undue accumulation of fat — in fact, 
owing to the ease and rapidity w'ith which it is assimilated, 
Plasmon not only gives strength to the digestive system, but 
speedily rectifies all abnormalities in nutrition ; while semi- 
starvation from imperfect digestion becomes impossible, so 
do the many evils which result from the morbid absorption of 
fat and the use of non-nourishing foods. 

A feature which demonstrates the strengthening qualities of 
Plasmon is that when it is taken regularly the craving for 
alcoholic stimulants — even among confirmed inebriates — is 

Plasmon, being free from flavour and smell and perfectly 
soluble, is an ideal food-enricher for all classes of the com- 
munity, applicable, therefore, to all descriptions of foods. 

Twelfth Universal Cookery & Food Exhibition, 



W E were agreeably surprised by the high order of excellence 
which characterised the greater number of the dishes 
sent in by the many competitors. Indeed, so good was 
the general level of culinary ability that we had some difficulty 
in coming to a decision as to the order of merit after the first 
three or four in the two classes had been selected. Thanks to 
the liberal prize list, however, this difficulty had no practical 
effect on the task of the jurors. 

There was a great diversity in the character and style of 
the dishes exhibited, so that the display afforded practical 
demonstration of how universally Plasmon may be employed 
in the preparation of food. 

Every recipe sent in by the competitors was carefully 
perused, and it was found that in each case a considerable 
percentage of Plasmon had been included. 

Plasmon had in some cases been incorporated in its natural 
(dry powder) form, in others it was first converted into a jelly 
or a whipped cream. 

The high percentage of Plasmon used, and the diversity of 
the dishes exhibited (some of which were of a most delicate 
nature), enabled us to verify the claim that Plasmon is without 
individual flavour or odour. We found that in no case were 
the characteristic flavours and aromas of meats, vegetables, 
fruits, or aromatics, altered or masked by the addition of 


Plasmon. This applied to all dishes, from soups to sweets 
and savouries. 

The soups submitted for competition were of the puree 
and mixed vegetable order, both with and without meat 
foundation. In all cases Plasmon, while not interfering with 
the flavour, gave a most agreeable impression of strength and 
velvety softness. High marks were accorded for the gastro- 
nomical value of the soups. 

Entrees of various kinds were sent in ; the addition of 
Plasmon had apparently facilitated the work of the cooks, 
at all events the results were excellent. Cutlets dipped in a 
kind of batter formed chiefly of Plasmon and egg, then 
crumbed and fried, proved delicious ; while the croquettes 
possessed a creamy interior. 

Plasmon as an addition to the vegetable dishes also proved 
a success. But we regret to say that the avowedly “ Vegetarian 
Cookery ” dishes did not attain so high a level, either as 
regards appearance, originality, or flavour. Nevertheless, we 
think that this was accidental, as we are decidedly of opinion 
that if Plasmon were judiciously used it would tend consider- 
ably to enhance the dietetic and gastronomic value of 
vegetarian cookery. 




1. Plasmon may be taken either in a dry form or in solution. 
In a dry form it may be sprinkled over the food at the table 
(any kind of food — stews, puddings, porridges, etc.), in the 
same way as sugar or salt, and mixed up with the food. But 
large numbers of people find it preferable to add Plasmon to 
foods in the form of Plasmon Stock, which is more universally 

It may also be added to the flour and mixed up with it, 
and then kneaded in the usual way for making bread or 
pastry — 1 | oz. of Plasmon to i lb. of flour. 


2. Put three teaspoonfuls of dry Plasmon into a large 
cup, and add gradually | pint (x gill) of tepid (not hot) water, 
and stir to a thick paste. In this state it may be added 
to milk, soups, beef tea, etc., and boiled for two minutes. 
Quantity for each person — one to two teaspoonfuls of this 
moist Plasmon. (One teaspoonful of moist Plasmon equals 
half teaspoonful of dry Plasmon.) 


3. Put i oz. of Plasmon into a saucepan. Add gradually 
half a pint of lukewarm water, stirring continuously. Place 
over the fire, and boil for 2 minutes. When cold this 
stock should have the appearance of a thin semi-transparent 

1 4 

jelly. Plasmon Stock is the foundation of many dishes, and 
is referred to in a number of the recipes. If used for whipping 
into a nourishing cream, it hiust be quite cold (and is best 
made overnight for the next day’s use) ; but for adding to milk, 
coffee, soups, and certain other dishes, it may be used hot 
as soon as made. Stock will keep a day or two if treated as 

*■ Note . — If the saucepan be rinsed with cold water it prevents 


5 . Is made from Plasmon Stock (No. 3) as follows : — Put 
two or three tablespoonfuls (nor more at a time) of Plasmon 
Stock into a large cup or one pound jar, whisk briskly a few 
minutes, when a thick cream will result. Add sifted sugar 
and vanilla or other flavouring to taste, whisk quickly again 
for half a minute. This cream can now be used for tea, coffee, 
cocoa, stewed fruits, etc., or may be eaten alone. A “ Dover ” 
wheel whisk gives the best results, namely, Plasmon Clotted 
Cream ; the longer it is whisked the thicker it becomes. 

Note . — To have this Cream in perfection, it is essential for 
the Stock to be quite cold. 


5 . To 4 tefispoonfuls of Plasmon Powder add gradually 

1 pint of tepid water, stir till it boils, and while boiling add 

2 saltspoonful of salt to restore the white colour. If used 
for soups, vegetables, rice, barley, etc., can be added, and 
any additions of flavouring used. 


6 . To 1 teaspoonful of Plasmon Powder add 1 gill of 
tepid water, mix it thoroughly and boil for 2 minutes. The 
above quantity to be divided and given in the food during 
24 hours. 

Dry Plasmon Powder should on no account be given to 
young children. 




are given daily at 56, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, 
(near 415 , Oxford Street & Bond Street Tube), London, W.| 



Visitors from the country should not fail to call. 

1 6 


for Daily Use. 

One Ounce of Plasmon Powder is equal to 
3 large or 4 small teaspoonfuls, heaped ; or to 
1 tablespoonful, heaped ; or to 
15 tablespoonfuls of Plasmon Stock. 

1 teaspoonful of Dry Plasmon is equal to 

2 teaspoonfuls of moist Plasmon. 

20 ounces of water equal 1 pint. 

1 gill of water equal | pint. 

Quantity of Plasmon which may be eaten daily 
during 24 hours, with other food 
Minimum amount for adults, 3 teaspoonfuls; Maxi- 
mum, 6 teaspoonfuls. 

Children half the above quantities. 

Infants, 1 teaspoonful during 24 hours. (Seepage 14 
No. 6. 



SAUCES. — In making ordinary or so-called general stock 
use about a pound of meat and bones, 4 to 6 ounces of 
soup vegetables (carrot, onion, turnip, and leek or celery) 
to every quart of water. Do not add the vegetables until 
the liquor has first boiled up and the scum has been removed. 
Season with salt and pepper (peppercorns and bayleaf should 
be added). Boil gently from 2\ to 3 hours, and strain. 

Stir into 2 tablespoonfuls of Plasmon powder a pint of tepid 
water, re -heat it whilst stirring it over the fire, and add it to a 
quart of general stock as soon as it boils. Use the stock as 

Note. — A ll stock is better made overnight for use on the 
following day. In the first-named stock care must be taken to 
remove all the fat which is on top before it is used. 

s “ d l 2 lumps sugar ■ /,«„ i,„ f " ‘ ■ Uas Poonful celery 

Hock; , ozjour gi,! „,u y k kaf •' 1 ** wh & 

butter and stea^ C Uie%egetab!es^ in^jt stri P s \ Mel ‘ the 
^n”th 0Ck WM 1 •* » boiling 

or unt'i the vegetables^... „ o n , IP —Ingredients : i li- 
st PARMENT 1 ER CREAM ■ plasmon stock, 

sloes ; 2 oz. butur . , MUspoonful ground rue , 

„ ■ 1 ■hint milk , I P inl r . , rrnutons. 

potatoes; . ^ taklespoonful grouna nee, 

No. 2 ; i pint nnlk , / d bnad cr 0 utons. 

salt , pepper , and nutmeg , J oes> slice them. Peel 

Method.— Wash an P butter in a stewpan, p 

and slice the onions. Melt 



potatoes and onion, and fry a little without browning. Add 
the water and milk, boil up and skim. Stir in the ground 
rice, and cook gently till the vegetables are tender. Rub all 
through a fine sieve. Return to the stewpan, add the Plasmon 
stock, season to taste with salt, pepper, and nutmeg, and 
re-heat. Serve with small croutons of fried bread. 

This soup may be made still richer by adding, a few minutes 
before serving, one yolk of egg mixed with half a tablespoonful 
of cream. 

4. LENTIL SOUP. — Ingredients: i pint lentils ; i small 
onion ; x stick of celery ; 2 oz. blitter ; 1 gill Plasmon stock 
( recipe No. 2) ; 2 quarts water ; salt and pepper to taste. 

Method. — Wash the lentils, and soak them in cold water 
for 3 or 4 hours. Put the butter in a saucepan ; add the 
lentils, onions (peeled and finely sliced), celery (cleaned and 
chopped small), stir over the fire for about 5 minutes, then 
add the water, boil up, skim, and cook gently till the lentils 
are soft. Pass all through a sieve ; add Plasmon, salt, and 
pepper ; re-heat, and serve with bread cut in dice. 

Note. — Peas, haricots, beans, etc., can be used in the same 
way as lentils. 

5. GAME SOUP. — Ingredients : The remains of one or 
two small birds ( roast partridge or grouse') ; \ onion ; 2 oz. 
dripping ; 2 '>z. oatmeal ; 1 quart Plasmon stock No. 1 : 6-8 

mum, 6 teaspoonfuls. 

Children half the above quantities. 

Infants, 1 teaspoonful during 24 hours. (See page 14 
No. 6. 

-uiusmw>ii5,xm imO CmOc, ana me 6 an^ u.xcto WhlOl vvtuc placeu 
aside. Season with salt and pepper, and serve with croutons. 

Note— This soup is greatly improved by adding a small 
wineglassful of sherry, port, or Marsala a few minutes befoie 

Se We S are indebted to “Food and Cookery” (August and 
September, 1903) for above recipes, 


6 . CREME PRINTANIERE. — Ingredients : i pint veal 
broth; 2 teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; yolks of 2 eggs; \ gill 
cream ; carrots, turnips, green peas, asparagus ; seasonings — 
pepper and salt. 

Method. — Cut the carrots and turnips into fancy shapes, 
boil in water sufficient to cover them for half an hour, then 
add the asparagus and peas and cook till they are tender. 
Mix the Plasmon with the stock ; season to taste, and boil a 
few minutes ; add the vegetables ; let cool slightly, and add 
the well-stirred yolks of the eggs. Heat up, but do not allow 
to boil, and serve. 

7 . HOLLANDAISE SOUP. — Ingredients : 1 pint 

Plasmon stock ; \ oz. butter; \ oz. flour ; yolks of 2 eggs ; 
1 gill cream ; b gill cooked peas ; b gill cut cooked carrots ; 
b gill cut cooked cucumber ; seasonmg. 

Method. — Trim the carrots and cucumber with a round 
vegetable scoop to the size and shape of peas, and cook them 
in boiling water. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the 
flour and Plasmon stock, and stir until it boils ; pour it on to 
the liaison of eggs and cream ; return to the saucepan and 
cook slowly without letting it boil ; add the vegetables, 
previously cooked. Season to taste. 

8 . VEGETABLE SOUP. — Ingredients : 2 carrots; 2 

turnips; 1 leek ; 1 onion; 1 h oz. butter; 1 teaspoonful celery 
seed ; 2 lumps sugar ; 1 bay-leaf ; 1 pint Plasmon white 
stock ; 1 oz. flour ; 1 gill milk. 

Method. — Shred the vegetables into thin strips. Melt the 
butter and steam the vegetables in it for 10 minutes; add 
Plasmon stock while it is still boiling. Cook for 20 minutes 
or until the vegetables are tender. Add the flour and milk 
blended together. Boil for another 15 minutes and serve 
nicely seasoned. 

9 . POTATO SOUP. — Incredienis : 1 pints white stock; 
5 or 6 potatoes ; ^ pint Plasmon stock ; 1 onion ; \ oz. small 
sago ; 2 tablespoonful milk ; pepper and salt. 

Method. — B oil the potatoes and rub them through a sieve ; 
pour both the stocks into a saucepan and bring to the boil ; 


mix the potatoes and milk together and pour into a saucepan ; 
when boiling add the sago ; when this is transparent the soup 
is ready. (Sufficient quantities for six persons.) 

10. POTAGE A LA YOLAILLE. — Ingredients : 

pints ivhite stock ; | pink Plasmon stock ; \ gill cream ; i 
dessertspoonful flour ; seasoning — salt, pepper, lemon juice . 

Method.' — Put the chicken stock into a saucepan and bring 
it to the boil. Blend together the flour and' sufficient Plasmon 
stock to form a smooth paste. Pour into saucepan with the 
remaining Plasmon stock and stir until thick. Remove the 
pan from the fire and add cream very carefully. Season to 
taste, place saucepan on fire and bring to boil, and serve hot. 
(The above quantities are sufficient for six persons.) 

11. BEEF PLASMON SOUP (made with Meat Stock). 

— Ingredients: i pint meat stock; 2 teaspoonfuls Beef 


Method. — Pour a pint of ordinary meat stock (in which a 
few vegetables have been boiled) on to 2 teaspoonfuls of Beef 
Plasmon. Stir and boil for 2 or 3 minutes. 

12. BEEF PLASMON SOUP (made with Yegetable 
Stock). — Ingredients: 4 onions; 1 carrot; 1 turnip; 1 
leek ; 3 sticks celery ; a sprig of parsley ; 2 bay-leaves ; x blade 
mace ; 3 teaspoo 7 ifuls Beef Plasmon ; pepper and salt ; i| pints 

Method. — Boil all the vegetables in i| pints of water for 
45 minutes. Strain this on to 3 teaspoonfuls of Beef Plasmon ; 
season with pepper and salt. Stir and boil for 2 or 3 minutes. 




13. FISH PUDDING. — Ingredients : f lb. cooked while 
fish ; 6 oz. cooked potatoes ; 2 os. butter ; i teaspoo 7 iful chopped 
parsley ; i dessertspoonful Plasmon powder ; ^ gill water ; i 
zuhole egg ; 2 yolks of eggs ; salt , pepper , and nutmeg. 

Method. — Butter a plain pudding mould, sprinkle it with 
brown crumbs, and boil for 2 minutes. Free the fish from 
skin and bones and chop up small. Rub the potatoes through 
a sieve. Melt the butter, put in the fish and potatoes, and 
let it get hot, then add the liquid and Plasmon, the parsley and 
the eggs. Mix well and season to taste. Put the mixture into 
the prepared mould, shake it down well, and bake in a 
moderately heated oven for 25 minutes. Turn out on a hot 
dish and serve. 

Note. — This pudding will be found lighter if the white of 
egg is whisked stiffly before it is added to the mixture. A 
tablespoonful of cream will also be found an improvement. — • 
“Food and Cookery,” August, 1903. 

14. OYSTER OMELET. — Ingredients: 6 large oysters; 
1 teaspoonful Plasmon stock No. 2 ; 1 oz. butter ; 3 eggs ; salt 
and pepper. 

Method. — Cook the oysters in their own liquor, drain them 
and remove the beards, and cut into small dice, beat up the 
eggs, and add the Plasmon stock, season to taste with salt and 
pepper ; then add the oysters. 

Melt the butter in an omelet-pan, pour in the egg mixture 
and stir over a quick fire till the eggs begin to set. Fold over 
and shape neatly (cushion shape), allow the omelet to take 
colour, and turn out into a hot dish. — “ Food and Cookery,” 
September, 1903. 


15. FISH PIE.— Ingredients : i lb. cold fish; i| lb. cold 
potatoes ; i oz. dripping or butter ; 2 tablespoonfuls Plasmon 

Method. — Mash the potatoes and pass through a sieve ; 
melt the dripping or butter in a saucepan ; add the mashed 
potatoes and Plasmon stock, and mix all well together. Shred 
up the remains of any cold fish ; season with anchovy sauce or 
salt and pepper ; put into buttered pie dish, and cover with 
the mashed potatoes ; smooth over, and bake | of an hour. 

Dish) . — Ingredients: 2 k teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; 5 pint fish 
stock ; 1 lb. cold boiled fish ; 1 teacupful Carolina rice ; 1 oz. 
butter ; 2 hard-boiled eggs ; salt, pepper, and cayenne ; \ pint 
aspic or savoury jelly, to mask the mould ; parsley and hard- 
boiled egg for decoration. 

Method.— Rinse a mould with cold water and mask it with 
a little aspic or savoury jelly; ornament it with sprigs of parsley 
and pieces of hard-boiled egg ; cover the ornamentation with a 
little more aspic jelly, and allow it to set. Boil the rice as for 
a curry, and when done place it in a basin and stir into it the 
butter. Have ready the boiled fish, freed from bones and skin, 
and the hard-boiled eggs chopped in fairly large pieces ; add 
these to the rice and mix well together, with sufficient salt, 
pepper, and cayenne to season it nicely. Have ready | pint 
fish stock, made from the bones and skin of the fish, and pour 
it gradually upon 2g teaspoonfuls of Plasmon, stirring it well 
to keep it quite smooth ; place this Plasmon jelly in a double 
saucepan and boil for 4 minutes, keeping it well stirred. 
Season it nicely with pepper and salt, and when slightly cooled 
add to it the rice and fish, etc. ; stir it well in, place the mix- 
ture in the prepared mould, and allow it to set ; when quite firm 
dip the mould in hot water and turn out. Garnish with parsley 
and hard-boiled egg. 

17. PLASMON IRISH STEW. — Ingredients : 1 lb. scrag 
of mutton ; 1 1 lb. potatoes ; 6 oz. onions ; ig gills Plasmon 
stock, No. 1 ; salt and pepper to taste. 

Method. — Gut the meat into neat pieces, trim off some of 
the fat, put it in a saucepan with \ pint of cold water, and 



Ingredients: i pint Plasmon jelly ; i to i g pints chopped 

chicken ; pepper , salt , and celery for flavouring; cress for garnish. 

Method.— Take i pint Plasmon jelly and flavour with 
celery essence. Pour a small quantity into a mould and let 
it set. Sprinkle with pepper, salt, and a spoonful of chopped 
cold boiled or roast chicken ; then add a little more cool 
jelly, and when set again sprinkle with pepper, salt, and 
chopped chicken. Continue this until the mould is full. 
When quite firm dip in hot water and turn out. Garnish with 
small cress. 

Ham, tongue, lobster, prawns, etc., may be used in the same 


25. TURKISH PILAFF. (The old Maison d’Or recipe.)— 
Ingredients : i chicken ; \ pint Plasmon stock ; teacupful veal 
or chicken broth; | lb. well-washed Carolina rice ; 3 tomatoes ; 3 
tablespoo?ifuls cooked chopped ofiiofi ; 1 tablespoonful veal 
suet ; 2 oz. butter ; sprig of thyme ; 2 bay-leaves ; nutmeg ; salt , 
pepper , and a pinch of cayenne. 

Method. — Divide the chicken into pieces and saute it very 
slowly in part of the butter, with the chopped onions, thyme, 
and bay-leaves. When it is of a deep yellow colour, add the 
rice, Plasmon stock, seasoning, herbs, and tomatoes (which 
should be par-boiled and cut in dice). The whole must now 
stew very gently till the broth is absorbed and the rice 
thoroughly cooked. This will take about an hour and a half 
from the time the rice was put in, and during this time the rest 
of the butter, the veal suet, and the teacupful of stock should be 
added to the Pilaff, bringing it to a state neither dry nor moist. 
To serve, heap the rice upon a hot dish and place the chicken 
on top. 

26. COLD MEAT SHAPE. — Ingredients: % lb. cold veal; 
\ lb. cooked ham ; 1 tablespoojful parsley ; 1 onion ; g pint 
Plasmon jelly ; pepper and salt. 

Method. — Chop finely f lb. cold veal, | lb. cooked ham, 
1 tablespoonful parsley, and 1 well-cooked onion ; season with 
pepper and salt. Stir into this \ pint cool (not set) Plasmon 
jelly. Pour into a mould, and when firm dip in hot water and 
turn out. 


27. COTELETTES DE MOUTON (froid). — Ingredients: 

i lb. neck of mutton ; i egg ; i tablespoo?iful Plasmon ; 2 table- 
spoonfuls breadcrumbs ; frying fat. 

Method. — Carefully cut the meat into even-sized cutlets 
and trim well ; mix the Plasmon and breadcrumbs and beat 
up the egg ; brush over the cutlet with the egg, dip into the 
Plasmon, and fry in hot fat. 

28. SAVOURY CUTLETS.— Ingredients : \ lb. cooked 
chicken ( or other meat) ; g pint Plasmon stock ; a little parsley , 
breadcrumbs , a?id white of an egg. 

Method. — Mince finely | lb. of cooked chicken (or any 
other meat), add a little chopped parsley, pepper, and salt ; 
mix into \ pint of Plasmon stock. Cook well, let it get cold, 
egg-and-breadcrumb and fry ; serve for breakfast, etc. 

6 tablespoofisful flour ; 1 oz. Plasmon ; 2 eggs ; 1 pint milk ; 
1 saltspoonful salt. 

Method. — Put the flour, Plasmon, and salt into a basin, and 
mix together. Make a well in the centre, add a little milk, 
and work all into a smooth, stiff batter; gradually add the 
remainder of the milk, also the eggs (well-beaten first), and 
stir briskly for a few minutes. Pour into a well-greased pan, 
and bake 20 minutes. 


Ingredients : 1 lb. flour ; 2 oz. Plasmon powder ; 6 oz. suet ; 
salt ; 1 \ lb. steak ; g lb. kidney ; seasoning. 

Method. — Put the flour, Plasmon, and salt in a basin, add 
the suet (finely chopped), and mix all with cold water into a 
stiff dough. Line a basin with half the paste ; cut the steak 
and kidney in nice pieces, season to taste, and put in basin till 
nearly full, adding a little water for gravy. 1 hen cover oyer 
with remainder of the dough, join the edges round the basin, 
and trim off neatly. Wring your pudding-cloth out in boiling 
water, tie it over the basin, allowing room for the dough to 
swell. Put the pudding in a saucepan of boiling water, and 
boil 2 hours. 


38. SAYOURY VEGETABLES. — Ingredients: ^ lb. 

cooked spinach ; b pint Plasmon sauce ; a little cheese ; 6 eggs. 

Method. — Take b lb. of spinach, cooked, and pass through 
the sieve ; cover with Plasmon sauce mixed with cheese. Serve 
in little cases with a poached egg on top. 

39. STUFFED TOMATOES. — Ingredients -.4 or 6 

tomatoes ; 2 02. grated cheese ; 2 teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; 5 tea- 
spoonful salt ; little pepper ; 1 egg. 

Method. — Cut the centres out of the tomatoes ; mix all the 
ingredients together, fill in the tomatoes with the mixture, 
piling high. Bake in a moderate oven for 10 minutes. 

40. POTATO CROQUETTES. — Ingredients : 8 or 10 
potatoes ( not new ) ; 2 eggs ; 1 heaped tablespoonful Plasmon ; 
2 oz. butter ; 1 teaspoonful flour; 1 saltspoonful salt ; some 
fine cracker crumbs. 

Method. — Boil the potatoes in their skins, peel and grate 
them, or pass them through a Victoria nut mill; beat the 
butter to a cream, add the eggs, flour, salt, and Plasmon 
gradually, beating the mixture all the time. Form into 
croquettes about three inches long, brush with egg, and boil in 
fat at a temperature of 380 degrees. 

41. LETTUCE WITH PLASMON.— Ingredients : 3 

lettuces ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon ; 1 02. butter ; seasoning ; fried 
croftets of Plasmon bread. 


Method. — Cook the lettuce with a little water and butter 
till it is tender ; drain it well and pass it through a sieve ; re- 
heat with some butter, seasoning, and Plasmon. Serve very 
hot heaped upon the crohtes. Garnish with hard-boiled yolk 
of egg, and croutons of fried bread. 



42. PUFF PASTRY. — Ingredients: 4 oz. butter ; 4 oz. 
flour ; 4 to 5 drops lemon juice ; 1 tablespoonful Plasmon stock ; 
sufficient cold water to make into a stiff paste. 

Method. — Sieve the flour on to a baking board, add the 
water and Plasmon stock. Roll out to a long strip. Place 
the butter in the centre, fold in three, roll out, fold in three 
again, set aside for 10 or 15 minutes; repeat this six times, 
allowing the pastry to stand between every second rolling. 
The pastry is then ready for baking. It must be put into a 
very hot oven. 

43. SHORT PASTRY. — Ingredients : g lb. flour ; 2 tea- 
spoonsful Plasmon; g a teaspoonful baking powder; 5- oz. 
butter: 1 dessertspoonful castor sugar ; 1 egg; pinch salt. 

Method. — Put g lb. flour, 2 tablespoonsful Plasmon, g tea- 
spoonful baking powder, and a pinch of salt through a sieve. 
Rub 5 oz. butter lightly in, add dessertspoonful castor sugar, 
and mix all to a stiff paste with a little beaten-up egg and 
water. Roll out, and use as required. 

44. PLASMON SUET DUMPLING.— Ingredients : 1 lb. 
flour ; 2 oz. Plasmon ; 6 oz. suet ; salt. 

Method. — Put the flour, Plasmon, and salt in a basin ; add 
the suet (finely chopped), and mix with cold water into a stiff 
dough. Wring out a cloth in boiling water, flour it, tie up the 
pudding (allowing room for it to swell) ; boil 2g hours. 

Note. — Apple or any fruit pudding can be made with dough 
as above., 


45. PLASMON COLLEGE PUDDING. — Ingredients : i 
stale sponge cake or i doz. small cakes ; 2 eggs ; 1 gill milk ; 

1 gill Plasmon stock ; 1 tablespoonful of any jam. 

Method. — Break up the cake into crumbs ; mix in the jam ; 
pour on the milk, warm : beat up the eggs stiffly, whip the 
Plasmon to a stiff cream ; mix the eggs and Plasmon together, 
and stir into the mixture quickly. Steam for 2k hours. 

46. RICE PUDDING. — Ingredients : 2 oz. Carolina 
rice ; 2 teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; 1 pint boiling milk ; sugar to 
taste ; and pinch salt. 

Method. — Sprinkle 2 oz. well-washed rice and 2 teaspoonfuls 
Plasmon into 1 pint boiling milk ; stir for a few minutes, add 
a little sugar, and put in a pie-dish ; bake in a slow oven until 
the rice is tender. 

Semolina and sago may be treated in the same way. 

47. PLASMON RICE PUDDING. — Ingredients : 2 oz. 

Carolina rice : 2 teaspoonsful Plasmon powder ; 1 pint milk ; 
sifted sugar to taste. 

Method. — Butter the dish ; put in the rice and sugar. 
Mix the Plasmon with a little of the milk warm, add the 
remainder gradually, and pour on to the rice. Put in a slow 
oven, and bake for 4 hours. 

Tapioca, sago, etc., are made in the same way. Bake 
3 hours. 

48. PLASMON MOULD (without milk).— Ingredients : 

2 tablespoonsful semolina ; 2 teaspoonsful Plasmon powder ; 
5 pint tepid water ; 1 pint boiling water ; juice 1 lemon ; sifted 
sugar to taste. 

Method. — Mix the semolina and Plasmon ; add gradually 
the tepid water. Have the pint of water boiling in the pan 
with the lemon juice and sugar ; pour into it the mixed 
semolina and Plasmon, and boil well for 15 minutes, stirring 
all the time. Pour into a wetted mould to set. Serve with 
stewed fruit or jam. 

Ground rice mould may be made in the same way. 

If desired, milk may be used instead of water, when vanilla 
or almond flavouring should be used. 


49. PLASMON ARROWROOT JELLY (without milk). 

— Ingredients : 4 teaspoonsful Plasmon arrowroot ; 2 table- 
spoonsful cold water ; 1 pint boiling water ; juice 1 lemon ; 
sifted sugar to task. 

Method. — Mix the Plasmon arrowroot with the cold water. 
Have the pint of water boiling in a saucepan with the lemon 
juice and sugar ; then pour the Plasmon arrowroot into it. 
Boil for 5 minutes, stirring all the time. Pour into a wetted 
mould to set. 

If for an invalid, half the lemon juice may be used, or as 

If made with milk instead of water, vanilla or almond 
flavouring should be used. 

50. PLASMON GOLDEN PUDDING.— Ingredients: 4 
breadcrumbs ; 1 oz. Plasmon ; 4 oz. marmalade ; 4 oz. castor 
sugar ; 4 oz. suet ; 3 eggs. 

Method. — Put the breadcrumbs, Plasmon, and finely 
chopped suet into a basin ; then add the marmalade and 
sugar ; stir all the ingredients together, add the eggs (well 
whisked), put into a buttered basin, cover down with a cloth, 
and boil for 2 hours. This dish may be garnished by laying 
raisins or sultanas evenly round the buttered bowl before 
pouring in the mixture. When cooked, turn out carefully, 
and sprinkle with castor sugar. Serve with Plasmon sweet 

51. PLASMON CABINET PUDDING.— Ingredients : 

4 oz. stale cake, biscuits , or bread ; g pint milk ; g oz. Plasmon ; 
1 e SS ! 1 oz - castor sugar ; and a grate of nutmeg. 

Method. — Cut the cake, biscuit, or bread into dice shapes. 
Sprinkle the Plasmon over it, and put it in a buttered pudding 
mould. Beat up the egg, add the milk, .the sugar, and nutmeg, 
and beat well. Pour this into the mould, let it stand for 
half an hour to soak, and steam for i| hours. Serve with jam 
or marmalade sauce. — “ Food and Cookery,” August, 1903. 

52. PLASMON CREAM. — Take 3 tablespoonfuls of 
Plasmon stock (No. 3, page 13) and put into a large cup ; whisk 

briskly with a wheel whisk until quite thick ; add sugar and 
flavouring to taste. 

The stock should be quite cold ; if made over-night it gives 
the best results. — “ Food and Cookery,” August, 1903. 


(Excellent pudding for children.) Ingredients : 4 shredded 
wheat biscuits ; 4 lb. raspberry jam ; h pint Plasmon stock ; 
1 gill cream ; 1 oz. castor sugar ; 12 drops vanilla essence. 

Method. — Take the shredded wheat biscuits ; halve them 
lengthwise and spread inside with raspberry jam, or stewed 
raspberry puree. Lay them in a glass dish ; pour over 
them sufficient raspberry liquor (made by boiling raspberry 
jam in water, to which Plasmon stock can be added, 
or with juice of fresh raspberry puree), to well soak the 

Beat g pint of Plasmon stock with 1 gill of cream and 1 oz. 
castor sugar, to a stiff snow; flavour with 12 drops vanilla 
essence, heap over the biscuits and serve. 

5i. QUEEN’S GOOSEBERRY PIE. — Ingredients : 4 
sponge cakes ; Plasmon custard ; stewed gooseberries ; Plasmon 

Method. — Put the sponge cakes in the bottom of a glass 
dish ; make some custard with | pint of water and milk, 1 
teaspoonful Plasmon, 1 egg, flavouring, and castor sugar. Pour 
this over the cakes ; stew some gooseberries with a little 
water, and sugar to taste; when tender pour these over the 
custard ; whip some Plasmon stock, about a gill, to stiff cream. 
Put this on the top of the gooseberries ; set in a hot oven, and 
let it brown very slightly. Serve hot or cold. 

55 . LIGHT APPLE PUDDING.— Ingredients : 4 or 5 
apples; \ lb. butter; \ lb. sugar; 3 eggs; 1 oz. Plasmon; 
grated peel of one lemon. 

Method. — Wipe and quarter some sound ripe apples, boil 
them in a little water till soft, press through a sieve as much as 
will make \ lb. ; add the butter and sugar while still hot ; then, 
after it gets cool, mix with it the eggs beaten to a foam, the 



Plasmon powder and the grated peel of i lemon. Butter a 
pudding form, dust it over with powdered sugar, and fill in 
your mixture. The form must be high enough to allow the 
rising of the pudding. Try by inserting a straw into the 
centre ; if nothing attaches to it the baking is done. Serve 
at once. 

56. WHITE OF EGG PUDDING. — Ingredients : 3 

whites of eggs ; 1 gill Plasmon stock ; 2 tablespoonfuls apricot 
marmalade ; 1 \ oz. castor sugar. 

Method. — Beat the whites of eggs and Plasmon stock to a 
stiff snow ; mix in very carefully the apricot marmalade and 
the sugar ; fill the whole into a buttered china dish and bake 
in a slow oven for about half an hour. Serve immediately or 
it will fall. 

57. PLASMON CORNETS. —Ingredients : Flaky pastry ; 
| pint Plasmon stock; 5 oz. gelatine; | oz. sugar; 10 drops 
essence of vanilla ; cocoanut and chopped pistachio nuts. 

Method. — Make the cases on cornet tins ; melt the 
gelatine in a little water, strain to the sugar and Plasmon 
stock; add essence, and whisk till stiff; divide the mixture, 
and colour one half with coffee essence and the other half with 
carmine. Fill the cases with some of the mixture ; decorate 
those filled with the coffee mixture with pistachio nuts, and 
those with red with the cocoanut. 

58. SANDWICH. — Ingredients: 2 eggs; 4 tablespoonfuls 
sugar ; 3 tablespoonfuls flour ; 1 tablespoonful cream; 1 oz. 
pistachio 7iuts ; 1 tablespoonful Plasmon stock; 1 teaspoonful 
baking poivder ; 1 tablespoonful butter , melted. 

Method. — Beat the eggs and sugar, then add the flour, 
butter, and baking powder. Put into two tins and bake for 
5 minutes. Whip together 1 tablespoonful cream and 1 table- 
spoonful Plasmon stock and spread on 1 sandwich ; sprinkle 
on the pistachio nuts, chopped, and cover with the other 


59 . PLASMON MOULD. — Ingredients : 5 teaspoonfuls 
Plasmo n ; 2 teaspoonfuls vanilla essefice ; 1 pint milk ; 2 oz. 
sugar ; yolks of 2 eggs ; 1 pint lemon jelly ; f oz. cornflour ; 
] oz. gelatine. 

Method. — Dissolve the Plasmon in k pint of milk in a 
double saucepan, and cool for 5 minutes. Boil the cornflour 
and 4 pint of milk together for 10 minutes ; then add the 
sugar, yolks of eggs well beaten, vanilla, and thicken ; mix in 
the Plasmon, and lastly the gelatine, previously dissolved 
in a little warm water, very gradually. Turn into a wet flat 
tin to set. When set, cut into diamonds, stars, or any fancy 
shape. Line the bottom of a mould with some of the 
jelly, let it set ; then lay in the custard shapes and 
more jelly to cover; set, and repeat until the mould is full. 
Some of the custard may be coloured, if liked, to give 


i pint milk ; 1 \ oz. cornflour ; | oz. Plasmon ; 2 oz. loaf 

Method. — Mix the cornflour and Plasmon to a smooth 
paste with a little cold milk. Boil milk in an enamelled pan, 
add sugar and the paste, stir with a wooden spoon until 
it boils ; stir and boil for eight minutes. Turn into a wet 

61 . EGG MOULD. — Ingredients : 1 dessertspoonful 

Plasmon ; 1 gill water ; 2 eggs ; flavouring ; 1 dessertspoonful 
castor sugar. 

Method. — S tir the Plasmon smoothly into the water, add 
the well-beaten eggs, the sugar, and flavouring ; cook gently 
till the mixture thickens ; pour into a prepared mould ; when 
set, turn out and serve. 

Note. — Milk may be used instead of water. 

62. FLORADOR MOULD. — 1 pint milk; 1 oz. Plasmon 
powder ; rind of half a lemon pared very thin ; 1 oz. castor 
sugar ; 1 j oz. (medium) Florador. 

3 ^ 

Method. — Mix the Plasmon and Florador to a smooth 
paste ; bring the milk almost to the boil with the lemon rind 
and sugar in it. Add gradually to the paste ; return the whole 
to the saucepan and cook for io minutes, stirring with a 
wooden spoon. Pick out the lemon rind and turn the whole 
into a wet mould to set. 

63. PLASMON CHOCOLATE MOULD (without milk). 

- — Ingredients : x tablespoonful cornflour ; i tablespoonful 
Plasmon cocoa ; \ pint tepid water ; | pint boiling water ; 3 oz. 
sugar ; vanilla flavouring to taste. 

Method. — Put the cornflour and Plasmon cocoa into a 
basin, mix with the tepid water gradually ; have the water 
boiling with the sugar in it (milk may be used in place of 
water if preferred). Add the mixed cornflour and Plasmon 
cocoa and vanilla. Let it boil for five minutes, stirring all the 
time. Pour into a wetted mould to set. Decorate with 
blanched almonds, and serve with Plasmon cream whipped 
very stiffly. 

65. BOILED CUSTARD. — Ingredients : 3 teaspoonfuls 
Plasmon; h pint milk ; 3 lumps sugar ; 1 egg. 

Method. — Put 3 teaspoonfuls of Plasmon into a saucepan, 
adding gradually \ pint lukewarm milk ; boil for 2 minutes, 
then add 3 lumps of sugar and 1 well-beaten egg. Stir till 
custard thickens, but do not allow it to boil. 

65. STEAMED CUSTARD. — Ingredients: 4 teaspoonfuls 
Plasmon ; \ pint milk ; 2 eggs ; sugar. 

Method. — Dissolve the Plasmon in milk as above, then 
add to it 2 beaten-up eggs, which should be poured into a 
buttered mould and steamed gently for 30 minutes — till custard 
is set. This may be put into a pie dish and baked in a slow 

66. PLASMON LEMON SNOW. — Ingredients : 1 pint 
water; | oz. gelatine; | oz. Plasmon; 2 oz. castor sugar; 
whites of 2 eggs ; rind and juice of 2 lemons. 

Method. — Put the gelatine, Plasmon, water, and lemon 
rinds into an enamelled pan ; stir over a slow fire until the 


gelatine is dissolved, then strain into a basin. When nearly 
cold add the sugar, lemon juice, and egg; whisk all to a stiff 
froth ; pile in a glass dish and serve. . This dish must be 
prepared only just before it is wanted, as, like souffle, it is apt 
to collapse. 

67. PLASMON RASPBERRY CREAM. — Ingredients : 

1 pint milk ; 3 teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; \ pint raspberry juice 
(made from fresh fruit or jam) ; 1 oz. gelatine; about 3 oz. 
sugar; 1 lemon rifid ; 1 tablespoo?iful brandy ; a feiv drops of 
cochineal ; about | pint clear jelly, to mask the mould ; a little 
preserved fruit or fresh raspberries , for decoration. 

Method. — Rinse a mould with cold water, mask it with a 
little clear jelly, and decorate with the preserved fruits ; pour 
in a little more clear jelly, just sufficient to cover the fruit, and 
allow it to set. Make g pint of the milk just lukewarm, and 
pour it gradually upon 3 teaspoonfuls of Plasmon, keeping it 
well stirred. Place the saucepan over the fire and boil for 

2 minutes, stirring all the time. When cooked pour the 
Plasmon stock into a basin and allow it to get cold. Tear up 
the gelatine and put it to soak for a few minutes in the other 
g pint of milk, then place it in a saucepan with the thinly 
peeled rind of lemon, and dissolve it very carefully ; strain it 
into a basin and allow it to cool. If fresh fruit is not in season, 
take 2 large tablespoonfuls of raspberry jam and 1 dessert- 
spoonful of red currant jelly and boil together with a ^ pint of 
water and 2 oz. of sugar until it becomes a thick syrup ; strain 
it, and when a little cooled stir it gently into the gelatine and 
milk. When the Plasmon stock is quite cold whisk it until it 
is quite thick, then stir it very gently into the other ingredients ; 
add the brandy and enough cochineal to make it a good 
colour, pour it into the prepared mould and allow it to set. 
To turn out, immerse the mould in hot water. 

68. GINGER CREAM. — Ingredients: Yolks of 3 eggs; 

1 oz. sugar ; 1 gill milk ; \ gill gitiger syrup ; h pint cream ; 

2 oz. ginger ; f oz. gelatine ; 3 teaspoonfuls Plasmon. 

Method. — Dissolve Plasmon in the milk and boil for 
2 minutes, then make into a custard with yolks ; add sugar 
and set aside to cool ; whip the cream ; dissolve gelatine 
in ginger syrup. Stir the dissolved gelatine into the custard, 


add the ginger cut up into dice, and lastly the whipped cream. 
When commencing to set pour into a mould coated with wine 
jelly and ornamented. 

69. COFFEE CREME. Ingredients: f pint milk ; i oz. 
Plasmon ; 2 oz. ground Moca ; yolks of 5 eggs ; 2 oz. sugar. 

Method. — Boil the milk with the Plasmon, stirring all the 
time, then pour into it the Moca coffee. Cover up and put in 
a warm place where it will draw, not boil, leave it there for 
about 10 minutes, then strain and add the yolks of eggs, 
beaten light beforehand, and the sugar. Beat the whole 
vigorously, fill into cups and finish in a bain-marie. 

Note. — For a bain-marie use a shallow pan. Fill with 
boiling water up to three-quarters the height of the cups you 
are going to use. Cover the pan with a second one, and leave 
it where the water keeps boiling moderately. When the 
surface of the mixture begins to thicken, which will be in 
about 10 minutes, remove the pan from the fire and take the 
cups out of the water, for if the water is allowed to boil too 
rapidly or too long the custards will be spoilt. 

70. CHOCOLATE CREME. — Ingredients : oz. Plas- 

mon chocolate ; 1 pint milk ; 4 eggs ; 2 oz. sugar. 

Method. — Dissolve the chocolate in the hot milk, and 
proceed exactly as in the foregoing recipe. 

Both the above are delicious cold sweets. 

71. PLASMON ICE CREAM. — Ingredients : 1 table- 
spoonful Plasmon poivder ; 1 pint milk or milk and cream ; 
4 tablespoonfuls castor sugar. Essence of vanilla (for vanilla 
ice ) ; | pint pineapple puree (for pineapple ice) ; h pint fresh 
raspberry or strawberry puree, passed through a sieve (for 
raspberry or straiv berry ice). 

Method. — Mix the Plasmon with the milk and boil it ; 
when cold, stir in the sugar and the fruit or essence, which- 
ever is used. Freeze in the ordinary way. 

This ice, being nourishing, is highly recommended for 
invalids and in throat troubles. 

Ices with other flavourings, such as strawberry, raspberry, 
etc., may be made in the same way. 


72. PLASMON COFFEE ICE.— 2 oz. (2 heaped table- 
spoonfuls) Plasmon to make 1 pint Plasmon milk stock (see 
below ) ; 1 pint water ; 4 oz. coffee ; 8 oz. sugar ; 1 gill cream. 

The Plasmon Milk Stock is made as follows Put 

1 pint of milk in a pan to warm, put the 2 oz. of Plasmon in a 
basin, add enough of the milk whilst it is tepid to mix the 
Plasmon well ; when mixed add it to the rest of the milk in 
the pan and boil, stirring all the time ; then stand aside to cool. 

Method. — Make the coffee with the water in the usual way, 
strain well, and stand aside to cool; add it to the Plasmon 
milk stock ; add the cream and sugar. Freeze as usual. 

73. PLASMON YANILLA ICE CREAM.— Ingredients : 

2 oz. (2 heaped tablespoonfuls ) Plasmon; 1 quart milk ; 1 gill 
cream; 6 oz. castor sugar ; 1 teaspoonful vanilla essence. 

Method. — Warm up a pint pf the milk in a stewpan. Mix 
the Plasmon in a basin with enough tepid milk to make a 
creamy mixture ; then add the remainder of the milk in the 
pan, and boil, stirring all the time ; add the sugar and then 
allow it to cool. This is Plasmon milk stock. 

When cold add the pint of cold milk, the cream, and the 
vanilla essence. Mix and freeze in the usual manner. — “ Food 
and Cookery,” September, 1903. 

74. PLASMON APRICOT ICE.— The same as above, 
omitting the vanilla and adding one pint of apricot pulp, which 
is obtained by passing the cooked fruit through a sieve. Straw- 
berries, peaches, and other fruits may be used in the same way. 
When preserved fruits are used less sugar than the above 
quantity should be taken. — “ Food and Cookery,” September, 

75. PASTRY BASKET. — Ingredients : ^ H> • flour ; 5 lb. 
butter ; yolk of 1 egg; 2 teaspoonfuls Plasmon; g teaspoonful 
baking pmvder ; 2 oz. chopped burnt almonds ; 1 gill cream ; a 
few apricots. 

Method. — Place the flour, Plasmon, and baking powder in a 
basin ; mix well, then rub in butter, and form into a paste with 
cold water and the yolk. Line a square tin with the pastry, 


also six cornucopia moulds, and bake in quick oven. When 
cooked and cold, brush over with beaten white of egg and coat 
with the chopped almonds. Place a layer of apricots in the 
bottom of pastry case and fill the cornucopia with them cut in 
pieces ; fill up with whipped cream. 

76. QUAINTON BASKETS. —Ingredients : The weight 
of 2 eggs in butter , sugar, and flour ; pinch salt ; a few drops 
vanilla essence ; Plasmon slock ; royal icing ; angelica. 

Method. — Beat butter and sugar to a cream ; add eggs, one 
at a time, and beat well ; sift in the flour, stirring gently. 
Butter some oval-shaped tins, fill them two-thirds, and bake in 
a moderate oven for about 20 minutes. When cold take out 
the centre neatly ; put some narrow strips of angelica to form 
handles ; decorate the sides with royal icing, trellis-work pattern. 
For centre, whip some Plasmon stock, slightly sweeten, add a 
few drops of vanilla, whip until a nice cream, fill baskets ; if this 
sweet has to wait any time it is as well to add a little cream 
or white of egg to the Plasmon stock to give extra stiffness. 
Sprinkle with chopped pistachio, place on one or two cherries 
dipped in fondant, and serve daintily. 

77. CREAM TARTS. — Ingredients: 3 oz. flour ; 1 oz. 
Plasmon ; 2 oz. hitter ; salt; yolk of egg and water ; whipped 
cream ; jam. 

Method. — Rub the butter into the flour and add the 
Plasmon and salt, mix to stiff paste with the egg and water, 
roll out, put into greased tins, and bake in a hot oven for half 
an hour ; when cold put in cream and jam or Plasmon snow 

78. PLASMON MOSS BASKETS. —Ingredients : 2 

eggs ; 4 tablespoonfuls castor sugar ; 3 tablespoonfuls flour ; 
1 tablespoonful Plasmon ; 1 teaspoonful baking powder ; 

flavouring to taste. 

Method.— Beat the eggs and sugar to a cream; then add 
the flour, Plasmon, and baking powder ; put into round greased 
tins, and bake in a slow oven for about 15 minutes. Scoop 
out the centre, dip in thick Plasmon stock, toss in chopped 
pistachio nut, and fill with cream. 


79. MAFEKING PUDDING. — Ingredients: i pint warm 
water ; xo teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; 4 teaspoonfuls castor sugar ; 
a feiv drops vanilla essence ; 6 bananas ; 4 os. Savoy biscuits ; 

1 pint cream or whites of 2 eggs whisked stiffly into h pint cold 
Plasmon stock. 

Method. — Prepare a pretty flat dish (white, to show up the 
colours of this dainty pudding). Make the Plasmon jelly thus: 
Pour 1 pint of warm water on to 10 teaspoonsfuls Plasmon (in 
a double saucepan, to dissolve this large quantity evenly) ; boil 
for 4 minutes, then pour into the dish and set till cool. When 
set, place a thick layer of bananas, cut in slices lengthways, on 
the set jelly ; sprinkle lemon juice and sugar over the bananas, 
then heap up very lightly the Plasmon snow cream ; tint a little 
a pale pink for top; decorate sides of dish with Savoy biscuits 
placed standing upwards. 

80. PLASMON FANCY SWEET.— Ingredients : 12 

sponge fingers ; 2 bananas ; 1 gill cream; 1 dessertspoonful 

Method. — Arrange the sponge fingers prettily in a glass 
dish ; peel and slice the bananas ; whip up the cream with 1 
tablespoonful of sugar. Add the sliced banana, pile high in 
the centre of the sponge ; decorate with preserved cherries 
and angelica. Garnish with chopped pistachios. 

81. CHARLOTTE OF PLASMON. — Ingredients : 12 

Savoy biscuits; f pint Plasmon stock; 15 drops essence 
vanilla; i' oz. sugar; | oz. gelatine ; violets; angelica; 2 
tablespoonsfuls jelly. 

Method. — Put into a round tin about 2 tablespoonfuls 
jelly and allow it to set ; line the tin with Savoy biscuits 
trimmed nicely ; put Plasmon stock, essence, sugar, and 
gelatine (previously melted in 1 tablespoonful of water) into a 
basin, and whisk until stiff ; fill the centre of the tin and allow 
to set ; turn on to a dish and decorate to taste with violets and 

82. PLASMON CHOCOLATE JELLY.— Ingredients : 

2 oz. Plasmon cocoa ; 1 \ oz. cornflour ; 2.\ oz. sugar ; i 4 pints 
water ; vanilla flavouring. 


Method. — Mix the cocoa and cornflour to a smooth batter 
with a little Plasmon and tepid water, add the sugar, and heat 
up. Add the remainder of the water and boil for five minutes 
whilst stirring. Remove from the fire and add a few drops of 
vanilla essence. Pour into a pudding mould previously rinsed 
with cold water. When quite set turn out on a dish and 
decorate with whipped cream and angelica. — “Food and 
Cookery,” September, 1903. 

83. PLASMON CALYES-FEET JELLY.— Ingredients : 

i pint sweetened calves-feet jelly ; rinds of 2 lemons ; g pint 
Plasmon jelly ; 5 teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; g pint ivater. 

Method. — To | pint of sweetened calves-feet jelly, in which 
the rinds of two lemons have been steeped, mix, when cool, 

£ pint of Plasmon jelly, 5 teaspoonfuls Plasmon, and g pint 
water. Pour into a mould, and when set turn out. Lemon 
juice or any other acid must not be used.fqr feVfg’TWgaP,'' tbfn 
mixture on to board, add the Plasmon, knead well (like bread) 
with the hands into a smooth mass, then colour and flavour as 
pleased. This mixture will make 10 strawberries, coloured with 
carmine, and 5 or 6 small carrots, coloured with carmine and 
apricot yellow. Tie carrots in bundles with ribbon. Put 
strawberries in bon-bon cases. 

90. PLASMON FONDANTS (Portable Food for 
Cyclists) . — Ingredients : g lb. loaf sugar ; g gill water ; 1 oz. 
butter ; 1 tablespoonful cream ; 2 teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; vanilla 
afid chocolate. 

Method. — Boil the sugar and water to 245 degrees Fahr. ; 
wet a bowl with cold water, pour the mixture into it ; beat to a 
cream ; add Plasmon, butter, and cream ; beat till well mixed 
and white ; flavour and colour if liked. Have ready some 
milled chocolate ; form fondant mixture into little cakes, dip 
them in the milled chocolate, and drop on greasy proof paper 
to cool. Put in bon-bon cases. 


Although the following recipes are classed as “ Savouries,” 
to serve as a course immediately following sweets, most of the 
dishes are suitable for hors d’ceuvres. They are also well 
adapted for buffets at balls, evening parties, “at homes,” etc. 
The tomato paste is capable, in competent hands, of being 
turned to much use in the preparation of quite a variety of 
savoury toasts, tartlets, etc. 

91 . PLASMON BUTTERFLIES. — Ingredients : 2 oz. 
flour; h teaspoonful Plasmon, for pastry ; i oz. butter; 2 oz. 
Parmesan cheese ; dust cayenne pepper and salt , white pepper , 
baking powder ; 1 small egg ; | gill cream ; f teaspoonful 
Plasmon ; for mixture , a few drops cochineal ; parsley stalks. 

Method. — Put the flour into a basin, add \ teaspoonful of 
Plasmon, cayenne, white pepper, and salt. Rub in the butter, 
add 1 oz. grated Parmesan cheese and pinch of baking powder ; 
mix to stiff paste with well-beaten egg ; roll out to about g in. 
in thickness ; stamp out 8 or 9 rounds with a fluted cutter 
about the size of a crown piece ; work up all the remaining 
pieces into a ball; roll out, cut into crescent shapes (16 or 
18) ; bake on a greased tin in a moderate oven for about 10 
minutes. When quite cold smear round the edges of the 
pastry with cochineal, using the finger for the purpose. Whip 
up the cream stiffly, add f teaspoonful Plasmon, 1 oz. grated 
cheese, pepper, and salt. Force this mixture through a large 
rose pipe on to the rounds ; fix 2 crescent shapes in the 
cream to represent wings, and 2 tiny pieces of parsley 
stalk to represent feelers. Serve on a dish paper. Cost 

\ to. fump sugar ; 1 tectspoonpu Plasmon ; .j teacup water. 

Method.— Beat eggs well; boil sugar and water together 
tor x minute; dissolve Plasmon in the water and sugar, and 



Plasmon ; sap green ; and small quantity of truffles , chilli and 

Method. — Take two filleted whiting, or the remainder of 
any cold white fish, pound in a mortar until quite smooth, add 
i tablespoonful thick Bechamel sauce ; add to these, very 
slowly, 4 tablespoonfuls Plasmon jelly, just dissolved, and mix 
well together ; season with cayenne and pinch of salt ; stand 
in a cool place for half-hour to set, then place on a slab in 
portions about the size of a small egg ; press flat, place in 
centre of each a piece of lobster butter (made as below) to 
form yolk, close each up into the shape of an egg, and stand 
on ice for 15 minutes. Make 1 pint of Plasmon jelly, to be 
used for outside coverings ; divide into three equal portions 
for the green, brown, and white. For green, add a few drops 
of sap green ; the brown, add a little Beef Plasmon ; the 
white, 1 teaspoonful of cream ; then coat each egg over three 
times ; garnish the green with truffles ; the brown and white 
with chopped parsley ; add a little finely chopped chilli on the 
brown. Serve for breakfast dish. 

Lobster Butter. — Take half the contents of a small jar of 
lobster paste and mix with | oz. fresh butter, and use as 

93. ANCHOYY PATTIES. — Ingredients: | oz. butter; 
| gill Plasmon stock ; \ oz. flour ; x hard-boiled egg ; 1 tea- 
spoonful anchovy sauce ; pepper and salt ; a squeeze of lemon 
juice ; | teaspoonful chopped parsley. 

Method. — Melt the butter, add the flour, then the stock ; 
allow to boil until the panada leaves the sides of the saucepan. 
Chop parsley and egg, and add together. 

94. PLASMON HAM JELLY.— Ingredients : { lb. ham; 
| pint Plasmon jelly ; 1 tablespoonful aspic jelly. 

Method. — Take ^ lb. ham, pounded and passed through a 
sieve ; mix with \ pint Plasmon jelly 1 tablespoonful aspic 
jelly ; set in any little fancy moulds. Serve for breakfast or 





Ingredients: 4 lb. butter ; 4 lb. castor sugar; 6 oz. flour ; 
2 oz. Plasmon ; 3 eggs ; 4 lb. almond paste. 

Method. — Beat 4 lb. butter into a cream, add 4 lb. castor 
sugar and beat again for 10 minutes; take 6 oz. flour and 
2 oz. Plasmon. Well mix together, then slowly work in with 
butter and sugar ; beat up 3 eggs (only 3 required when 
using Plasmon), add to the other ingredients, and thoroughly 
mix all together ; flavour with a few drops of vanilla essence ; 
have tin ready, well buttered, and paper well buttered to line 
it ; place the mixture in, and bake in moderate oven about 
1 hour. When cold, ice over with pink icing made to a paste 
of the ordinary consistency with Plasmon stock. Take | lb. 
almond paste and mix in 1 teaspoonful of Plasmon, add a few 
drops of sap green to colour ; have ready white Royal icing 
and ornament the top in any fancy design. 

104. CHOCOLATE CAKE. — Ingredients : | lb. butter ; 
\ lb. castor sugar ; j lb. fine flour ; | lb. Plasmon chocolate ; 
1 oz. Plasmon powder ; a little icing sugar a?id milk. 

Method. — Beat | lb. butter to a cream, and | lb. castor 
sugar, then add 5 lb. fine flour and 1 oz. Plasmon, also | lb. 
Plasmon chocolate and 2 well-beaten eggs ; bake 1 hour. 
Pour Plasmon chocolate, melted with a little icing sugar and 
milk, over cake. 

105. SPONGE CAKES — I ngredients : 5 eggs; 4 lb. flour , 

I lb. lump sugar ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon ; 2 teacup water. 

Method. — Beat eggs well; boil sugar and water together 
for 1 minute ; dissolve Plasmon in the water and sugar, and 



pour hot on the eggs, beating all the time ; whisk till thick, 
then sift in flour ; stir very lightly and pour into greased and 
sugared tins ; bake in a moderate oven till done. The above 
quantities are sufficient to make two nice cakes. 

106. LEMON CAKE. — Ingredients: g lb. flour ; \ lb. 
butter ; | lb. castor sugar ; 2 eggs ; 1 oz. Plasmon ; 1 teaspoonful 
baking powder; rind of 1 lemon; 1 oz. candied lemon peel ; 
| gill milk. 

Method.- — Put butter and sugar into a basin and beat to a 
cream, then add the eggs and beat well again ; stir in all the 
dry ingredients except the baking powder ; add the milk and 
flavourings, and mix well;, stir in the baking powder; turn 
into well-greased tins, and bake in a moderate oven from 20 
minutes to 1 hour, according to size. Try the cake with a 
skewer, if it comes out clean the cake is done. Turn out and 
place on a sieve to cool. 

107. SWISS ROLL. — Ingredients: 3 eggs; 4 oz. sugar; 
3 oz. flour ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon stock ; £ teaspoonful baking 
powder ; 2 tablespoonfuls jam. 

Method. — Whisk the sugar and eggs together over hot 
water (not boiling) until thick and creamy ; add Plasmon 
stock and flour, mix lightly together, and lastly add baking 
powder. Butter a baking tin and line it with a buttered paper, 
on to which pour the mixture. Place in a hot oven and bake 
from 7 to 10 minutes. Heat the jam. When the roll is ready 
turn out on a piece of white paper which has been dusted with 
castor sugar. Spread on jam and roll up quickly. 

Icing for Swiss Roll. — Ingredients : 4 oz. icing sugar ; 
2 oz. fresh butter ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon stock ; 2 sticks Plasmon 

Method.— R ub sugar through a sieve, mix the butter and 
sugar together, grate the chocolate and add to mixture which 
is then ready for use. 

108. PEACH CAKES. — Ingredients : 6 oz. flour ; pinch 
salt; 3 oz. castor sugar; 3 oz. butter; 3 eggs ; 2 teaspoonfuls 
Plasmon ; \ teaspoonful baking powder ; a little carmine and 


Method. — Put butter and sugar in a bowl, beat 10 minutes ; 
add yolks of eggs, and beat io minutes. Beat whites to stiff 
froth ; add flour mixed with Plasmon ; next add a little of egg 
and flour alternately, stirring gently all the time. Lastly, add 
baking powder ; pour mixture into buttered moulds (peach- 
shaped for preference); bake in moderate oven 15 minutes. 
Colour with carmine and sift sugar over. Garnish with vine 

109. ALMOND CAKES. — Ingredients : 2 oz. flour ; 2 oz. 
castor sugar ; 2 oz. butter ; 1 l egg ; pinch salt ; k teaspoonful 
vanilla ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon. 

Method. — Beat the butter and sugar to a cream ; beat the 
egg and add it alternately with the flour (the salt and Plasmon 
should be previously mixed with the flour) ; then add the 
vanilla. Beat the mixture well. Grease a shallow baking tin 
and line with paper, spread the mixture over evenly, and bake 
in a quick oven for 15 minutes. Just before it is done brush 
over with the white of 1 egg beaten up with 1 oz. sugar ; then 
strew 2 oz. chopped almonds over and return to the oven, and 
bake till a fawn colour. Turn out and cut into triangle 

110. PLASMON TEA BUNS. — Ingredients : 2 oz. butter ; 
2 oz. sugar ; 5 oz. flour ; x large teaspoonfil Plasmon ; 1 egg, 
divided and beaten separately ; 2 oz. dried cherries ; 1 oz. 
angelica , cut up thinly ; a few drops vanilla flavouring ; J tea- 
spoonful baking powder. 

Method. — Beat the butter and sugar to a cream ; add 
yolk of egg, and beat well ; then add flavouring ; mix dry 
ingredients on plate and add them to the ingredients in the 
basin, and a little milk if required — it must not be mixed too 
stiffly. Lastly, add the white of egg, beaten to stiff froth ; 
put the mixture into small greased tins, and bake in hot oven 
for about 15 minutes; or it maybe baked in one large tin, 
when it will tak# about 1 hour to cook. 

111. PLASMON CHEESE CAKES. — Ingredients: 1 pint 
milk ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon ; 1 oz. butler ; 1 oz. sugar ; 1 oz. 
flour ; 1 oz. almonds, blanched and chopped ; a few drops essence 
of almonds ; 1 egg. 


Method. — Put the milk into a saucepan ; when warm, 
sprinkle in i teaspoonful of Plasmon; bring it to the boil, 
and let it boil for 2 minutes, stirring well all the time ; then 
pour into a clean basin. Put the butter and flour into the 
saucepan and stir over the fire for a few minutes ; then add 
the sugar, flavouring, the egg (well-beaten), and the milk with 
the Plasmon dissolved in it; stir all together, and boil for 
about 3 minutes; then stir in the chopped almonds. Line 
some patty-pans with flaky pastry, put some of the cheese 
cake mixture in each, and bake in a hot oven for about 
15 minutes. 

112. CHERRY CAKES. — Ingredients : For Pastry — 
3 oz. flour ; 1 oz. Plasmon ; 2 oz. butter ; salt ; yolk of 
egg, and water. For Mixture — 2 oz. butter ; 2 oz. sugar ; 
1 oz. dried cherries ; 1 oz. peel ; 1 oz. cake crumbs ; 5 oz. 
cornflour ; 1 egg. 

Method. — To make the mixture, cream the butter and 
sugar together, and add the rest of the dry ingredients and 
the eggs gradually until it becomes like a thick cream. Make 
the pastry by rubbing the butter into the flour and adding the 
Plasmon, mixing with the egg and water until it becomes a 
thick paste. Roll out and cut into rounds ; put pastry into 
greased tins, and add a teaspoonful of the mixture. Bake in 
a hot oven for 15 minutes. 

113. COCOANUT BISCUITS. — Ingredients : | lb. cocoa- 
nut ; 5 lb. castor sugar ; 1 oz. Plasmon ; whites of 3 eggs. 

Method. — Put castor sugar and eggs into a basin, and 
whisk to a stiff froth ; then lightly stir in cocoanut and 
Plasmon. Place in little heaps on a buttered paper on a 
baking-sheet, and bake in a moderate oven about 20 minutes. 
Dry well, and keep in an air-tight tin. 

114. SHORTBREAD. — Ingredients: 6 oz. flour ; 2 oz. 
Plasmoti; \ lb. butter ; 2 oz. castor sugar ; flavouring. 

Method.— Rub the butter into the flour; add the Plasmon, 
sugar, and flavouring ; knead well until it is quite smooth ; 
roll out, and bake in slow oven about | hour. 


115. SPONGE FINGERS.— Ingredients : The weight of 

2 eggs in sugar , i egg in Plasmon, and 2 eggs in flour. 

Method. — Beat the eggs and sugar well together ; sprinkle 
in the Plasmon and flour gradually, stirring all the time. Put 
into greased tins ; bake in a very hot oven for 6 minutes. 

116. WINE BISCUITS.— Ingredients : 8 oz. pastry flour ; 
5 oz. butter ; 2 oz. Plasmon stock ; rind of 1 lemon ; 2 oz. 
sugar; 1 oz. cornflour. 

Method. — Cream the sugar and butter well together; add 
the Plasmon stock, beat well, add flour lightly. Knead the 
mixture into a nice stiff dough, roll on a well-floured board, 
cut into fancy shapes, bake 15 minutes a pale colour, decorate 
with coloured sugars. 

117. PLASMON BREAD (Home-made). — Ingredients : 

3 lb. flour ; 1 teaspoonful salt ; b oz. German yeast ; 5 oz. 
Plasmon; 1 teaspoonful sugar; i| pint warm water or milk 
and ivater ; salt. 

Method. — Put flour in basin, make a hole in centre and 
sprinkle salt round the sides ; dissolve the Plasmon in the 
warm water, and add to the yeast and sugar; pour into the 
centre of flour, then knead well, and set to rise for about 
2 hours. Make into loaves, and bake till done. 

Wholemeal Bread. — The same proportions as white 
bread, using fine wholemeal. 



The following recipes have been specially prepared for 
invalids (particularly diabetics), but practically every one of 
these will be found delicious and quite suitable for ordinary 
use. If not required for patients suffering from obesity, 
diabetic affections, gout, and certain forms of skin diseases, 
sugar should be substituted for saccharin in the sweet dishes. 
Although saccharin (a preparation from coal-tar) possesses a 
sweetening power many times greater than cane or beet sugar, 
it is not a food, and is therefore of no value except medicinally. 

It is to be noted that Plasmon lightens dishes and greatly 
facilitates digestion and nutrition. 

118. FISH CUSTARD. — Method: Take fora i -pint mould 
2 large tablespoonfuls Plasmon, dissolve in \ pint tepid milk ; 
let this come to the boil, turn into a basin to get cold, and keep 
stirring occasionally. Have a haddock or 2 whitings cut into 
slices, and boil in milk for about f hour ; add to this 1 sliced 
onion, white and black peppercorns, 2 bay-leaves and a little 
thyme ; simmer for about 5 hour, strajn, and when cold add 
to this the raw yolks of 3 eggs and the prepared Plasmon. 
Pour into a buttered mould, and steam for 1 hour. 

119. REEF TEA (Diabetic). — Ingredients : \ lb. beef 
s.'enk ; \ pint water ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon; 1 pinch of salt. 

Method. — Shred beef finely and place in the water, to 
which the salt and Plasmon have been added, and let it 
stand about 1 hour ; then put into a jar or saucepan, and cook 
gently for 20 minutes. Do not let it boil ; stir well while 

Beef-tea jelly may be made in the same way, using 1 gill 
water, 1 teaspoonful Plasmon. 


120. MUSHROOM CUTLETS (Diabetic).— Ingredients : 

h lb. mushrooms ; i oz. butter ; x tablespoonful thick Plasmon 
stock ; i teaspoonful cream ; i egg ; seasoning to taste ; i 
tablespoonful dry Plasmon ; frying fat. 

Method. — Prepare mushrooms, melt butter in a saucepan, 
and stew mushrooms in it till tender ; chop finely or rub through 
sieve ; then add Plasmon stock, cream, and seasoning. When 
cold and stiff shape into cutlets, brush over with egg, and 
sprinkle with dry Plasmon ; fry in boiling fat. Serve with 
brown gravy. 

121. TOMATO CUTLETS (Diabetic). — Ingredients : 
i lb. tomatoes ; i k tablespoonfuls Plasmon ; i oz. butter ; i 
tablespoonful cream ; i egg; seasoning to taste ; frying fat. 

Method. — Stew the tomatoes in butter until tender ; rub 
through sieve, return pulp to saucepan, mix in i tablespoonful 
of Plasmon slowly, add cream and seasoning. Cook gently 
until quite thick, but do not boil ; pour on to a plate ; when 
cold shape into cutlets, brush over with egg, and sprinkle with 
Plasmon ; fry in boiling fat. Serve with brown gravy. 


(Diabetic). — Ingredients: h lb. apples; 2 eggs ; \ gill 
Plasmon stock ; | oz, butter ; 1 teaspoonful Plasmon ; 

saccharin to taste. 

Method. — Stew or bake apples until they form a pulp ; 
when cool, add yolk£ of two eggs, saccharin to taste, and 
stock ; beat whites up to stiff froth and stir in lightly ; pour 
into a prepared pie-dish and bake gently for about 20 minutes. 
To prepare pie-dish, line with butter and shake over it some 
dry Plasmon. 

123. CUSTARD (Diabetic). — Ingredients: i egg ; bgill 
Plasmon stock ; \ gill milk ; saccharin to taste; a small 
piece of lemon peel. 

Method. — Well beat egg, add stock and milk, lemon peel, 
and saccharin to taste ; pour into a jug or a double saucepan ; 
cook gently until thick, but do not allow to boil. 


124. LEMON SPONGE (Diabetic). — Ingredients : \pint 
Plasm on stock ; -f oz. gelatine ; a little water ; saccharin , 
lemon peel , and citric acid to taste. 

Method. — Soak gelatine in about a tablespoonful of water 
for about 20 minutes, then pur it into a saucepan with the stock, 
a small piece of lemon peel and saccharin ; cook until gelatine 
is dissolved, but do not boil ; pour into a basin, add citric acid 
to taste, remove lemon peel, and beat mixture to a stiff froth. 

125. INVALID JELLY. — Ingredients : | oz. gelatine ; 
| pint Plasmon stock ; | pint milk ; § oz. sugar ; 1 egg ; 

Method. — Make the stock by mixing 1 teaspoonful Plasmon 
with \ pint water; bring to the boil. Dissolve the gelatine in 
the milk and add to stock, with the sugar flavouring and 
beaten-up egg. Mix well together, and pour into wet mould. 

126. BEEP PLASMON (for ordinary Beef Cup).— 

Ingredients : 1 teaspoonful Beef Plasmon ; pepper , celery 
salt; 1 teaspoonful water. 

Method. — To 1 teaspoonful Beef Plasmon add 1 teacupful 
boiling water, and season with pepper and celery salt. This 
is improved by being boiled for 2 minutes. 


— Ingredients : \ pint milk ; 3 teaspoonfuls Plasmon ; 
saccharin ; rind of 1 lemon. 

Method. — Put the Plasmon into a saucepan, add to it part of 
the milk, mix to a thin paste, add the remainder of the milk 
and bring to the boil, add the lemon rind and simmer for about 
20 minutes. Dissolve the gelatine in 1 tablespoonful warm 
water, strain it into the Plasmon, add sufficient saccharin to 
sweeten (about | teaspoonful), strain and mould the mixture, 
set in ice and turn out. Plasmon vanilla sauce can be poured 
round if liked. 


133. FRENCH WHITE SAUCE (Bechamel).— Ingre- 
dients : 2 pints white Plasmon stock ; i pint cream ; i table- 
spoonful Plasmon arroivroot ; r small bunch herbs ; i small 
bunch parsley ; 2 cloves ; half a bay-leaf ; a feiv mushrooms or 
a little grated cheese ; salt to favour ; a feiv peppercorns ( not 
pepper , as that would spoil the white colour of this sauce). 

Method. — Put the sweet herbs, parsley, bay-leaf, cloves, and 
peppercorns (tied loosely in a piece of muslin) to boil in the 
Plasmon stock until the stock has extracted the flavour of the 
herbs, etc. ; remove the muslin bag of herbs, and allow the 
stock to boil' till nearly half is reduced. Now mix the arrow- 
root smoothly with the cream, pour it to the reduced stock, 
simmer slowly for 10 minutes if the sauce be thick ; if too thin, 
stir briskly till it thickens. Always make it thick, as it may be 
thinned by adding milk, cream, or Plasmon stock. Add 
grated cheese to this stock, if liked, and serve over a 
cauliflower, turnips, etc. 

134. BROWN SAUCE (Espagnole). — Ingredients : 2 
slices lean ham; 1 lb. veal ; i| pint Plasmon stock ; 2 or 3 
sprigs parsley ; half a b ay -leaf ; 2 or 3 sprigs savoury herbs ; 
6 small green onions ; 3 eschalots ; 2 cloves ; 1 blade mace ; 2 
glasses sherry or madeira ; 2 oz. butter ; 2 oz. flour ; 1 or 2 
tablespoonful sauce ; salt to sauce. 

Method. — Fry the veal and ham (cut into neat pieces) a 
good brown, till a nicely coloured glaze is produced in the pan, 
then add the remainder of the stock and all the herbs, etc., 
and allow it to simmer for 1 hour. Strain and skim off every 
particle of fat ; fry the flour a nice brown, add the strained 
stock, cook a few minutes, then add the two sauces, salt, 
cayenne, and last of all the wine, and serve. 

135. CREAM SAUCE (for Vegetables). — Ingredients: 

1 oz. Plasmon arroivroot ; 1 pint Plasmon stock ; | pint cream ; 
salt ; any fresh vegetables — carrot , turnip , onion — and bunch 
sweet herbs. 

Method. — Put all the vegetables, nicely cut, into x pint 
water, and cook gently till the flavour of vegetables is extracted; 
strain the vegetables away from stock, and use equal parts of 
crearn and vegetable stock or Plasmon stock ; thicken with 
1-2 oz. arrowroot to each pint ; season, and add a few drops 
of lemon juice, if liked. Previous to adding the stock blend 


smoothly the arrowroot with cold milk to a paste. This sauce 
is excellent for asparagus, artichokes, young carrots and 
turnips, marrows, and various kinds of beans. 

136. TOMATO SAUCE.—Ingredients : 3 doz. tomatoes ; 
i oz. garlic ; i oz. eschalot ; 2 oz. salt ; 1 green capsicum ; 
h teaspoonful cayenne ; 2 pickled gherkins ; 6 pickled onions ; 

1 pint vinegar; 1 gill Plasmon stock; juice of 6 lemons. To 
each 1 lb. of tomato pulp allow 1 pint chilli vinegar. 

Method. — Choose the tomatoes when quite ripe and red; 
put them in a jar with a cover to it and bake them till quite 
tender ; skin them and rub through a hair sieve. Measure 
the pulp, and to each 1 lb. pulp add 1 pint vinegar, and then, 
having previously finely powdered or finely chopped, add all 
the other ingredients. Boil the whole together till everything 
is tender, then again rub through a sieve, and add the lemon 
juice. Now boil the whole again, adding the Plasmon stock 
till it becomes as thick as cream, and keep continually stirring 
(with a wooden spoon); bottle when quite cold. If the flavour 
of the garlic or eschalot is not liked, put very little ; also very 
little chilli vinegar, unless a hot sauce is desired. 

137. CHUTNEY SAUCE.—Ingredients: Equal parts of 
sweet chutney and hot chutney ; add 4 tablespoonfuls , ivhen 
mixed , an equal measure of brown sauce ; 1 teaspoonful French 
mustard ; 1 tablespoonful tomato pulp ; 1 gill Plasmon stock ; 
1 teaspoonful brown colouring; salt to taste. 

Method. — Boil together, mix well, and bottle. This sauce 
is nice with grills, broils, savouries, entrees, cold meat dishes, 
etc. If liked sweet, mix together more sweet chutney than 
hot, and vice versa. 

138. SWEET SAUCE (for Puddings). — Ingredients : 
\ pint Plasmon stock; 1 oz. butter ; \oz. flour; ig oz. sugar; 
grated lemon rind , or nutmegs or cinnamon , or a few bitter almonds. 

Method. — Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the flour 
(away from the gas or fire) till of a smooth consistency, then 
add the Plasmon stock gradually ; cook a few minutes ; stir in 
the sugar and grated lemon rind, nutmeg or cinnamon, and 
serve. If the flavour of bitter almonds is liked, the almonds 
must be left in the milk, to infuse, about 10 minutes before 
making this sauce. 



of Life. — Plasmon is the Proteid (the nourishing sub- 
stance) of pure, fresh milk, thoroughly sterilised, contain- 
ing the Organic Salts in their original unaltered condition. 
It is free from flavour and odour, and can be used without 
trouble or waste. Added to any food (animal or vege- 
table) it raises the nutritive value of such food to a high 
and trustworthy degree, and renders it more easy of 

In Packets, 9 d., 1/4, and 2/6 each. (Full directions for 
use in each packet.) 

PLASMON COCOA. — Prepared from the purest and best 
Cocoa procurable, and pure Plasmon. One cup of 
Plasmon Cocoa contains more real building up nutriment 
than ten cups of any plain Cocoa. 

In Tins, 9 d., 1/4, and 2/6 each. 

PLASMON CHOCOLATE (25% Plasmon). — For Travellers, 
Cyclists, Athletes, etc., Plasmon Chocolate is most useful, 
as it contains a very high percentage of nourishment in 
a very small bulk, Plasmon Chocolate is satisfying and 

Super Extra Fine Quality, Crisp or Cream Texture, 
in 1 -lb. Boxes, 5/-; 2-oz. Tablets, 8 d. each. 

Fine Quality, Crisp or Cream Texture, in i-lb. 
Boxes, 3/-; 2-oz. Tablets, 5 d., 4-oz., 9 d. each. 

Croquettes, in Fancy Boxes, 1/6, and in Packets, 6 d. 
and yl. each. 

Oblongs in Boxes, 1 /- each. 


PLASMON ARROWROOT. — Prepared from the finest 
Arrowroot, with a suitable proportion of Plasmon added : 
forms an Ideal Food for Invalids and Children. 

In Tins, $d. and 9 d. each. 

BEEF PLASMON. — A scientifically Perfect Food, being 
a combination of Beef Extract and Plasmon. 

In i-oz. Tins, $d.; 2-oz. Tins, 9 d. each. 

PLASMON BISCUITS. — Composed of the best Flour (or 
wholemeal) mixed with 20% of Plasmon. They are 
made in many varieties by Messrs. Peek, Frean & Co., 
Ltd., and sold by all Grocers and Stores. Also supplied 
by International Plasmon, Ltd. 

In Tins, from 1/- to 2/4. 

most suitable ingredients, and guaranteed to be absolutely 
free from Starch and Sugar. These Biscuits are palatable 
and nourishing. 

Sweet or Plain — 4 -lb. Tins, 2/-; i-lb. Tins, 4/- each. 

PLASMON Cyclist and Sportsman Luncheon Packet. — 

Contains Biscuits and Chocolate, put up in Box to fit the 
pocket. Invaluable to Tourists, Sportsmen, Cyclists, etc. 
A sufficient meal for three or four hours. 

In Boxes at 6 d. each. 

may be obtained at all High Class Chemists, 
Grocers, Stores, etc. 


66a, Farringdon Street, London, E.C.; 

56, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, W. 




How to use Flasmon 



Plasmon, Dry 



,, Moist 



,, Stock 



,, Cream 

... ... ... ... 


,, White Stock 



„ Infants’ Food 




Beef Plasmon Soups ... 

. . . 


Parmentier Soup 


Creme Printaniere 


Plasmon Stock for Soup 


Game Soup 


Potato Soup 


Hollandaise Soup 


Potage a la Volaille ... 


Lentil Soup 


Vegetable Soup 




Creme de Volaille a la Plasmon 


Plasmon, Irish Stew ... 


Chicken Souffle 

. . . 


,, Yorkshire Pudding.. 


Chicken set in Plasmon Jelly 


,, Steak and Kidney 

Cold Meat Shape 




C 6 telettes de Mouton ... 

. . . 


>, Tripe 


Fish Pudding ... 


,, Rice Cutlets 


Fish Pie 


,, Mashed Potatoes .. 


Green Corn Fritters ... 


Potato Croquettes 


Hominy Cutlets 


Savoury Plasmon Balls 


Ham Relish 



,, Cutlets 


Lettuce with Plasmon 


,, Vegetables ... 


Mutton Collops 


Shepherd’s Pie... 


Mushroom Cream 


Stuffed Tomatoes 


Oyster Omelet ... 


Turkish Pilaff ... 


Plasmon Mould of Kedgeree 


Toad in the PI ole 



Custard, Boiled 



Economical Plasmon Mould 


,, Steamed 


Egg Mould 


Cream, Plasmon 


Florador Mould 


,, Raspberry 


Light Apple Pudding... 


„ Ginger 


Mafeking Pudding 


,, Coffee 


Plasmon Suet Dumpling 


,, Chocolate 


,, College Pudding 


„ Tarts 


,, Rice 


Charlotte of Plasmon ... 


,, Mould 


Chartreuse of Strawberries 



„ Arrowroot Jelly 




— Continued. 



Plasmon Golden Pudding 


Plasmon Fondants 


,, Cabinet Pudding 


Pastry, Puff 


„ Cornets 


,, Short 


,, Mould 


,, Basket 


,, Chocolate Mould 


Queen’s Gooseberry Pie 


,, Lemon Snow 


Quainton Baskets 


,, Ice Cream ... 


Rice Pudding ... 


,, Coffee Ice ... 


Shredded Wheat Biscuit Pud- 

,, Vanilla Ice Cream 




,, Apricot Ice ... 




,, Moss Baskets 


Souffle, Omelet 


,, Fancy Sweet 


,, Steamed 


,, Chocolate Jelly 


,, Lemon (Cold) 


,, Calves Feet Jelly 


,, Cold Chocolate 


„ Marzipan 



White of Egg Pudding 



Anchovy Patties 


Plasmon Mock Eggs ... 


Aspic Jelly 


,, Ham Jelly ... 


Cheese Straws ... 


,, Cheese Souffles (Cold) 48 

,, Balls 


Savoury Mould 


Macaroni Fritters 

. . • 


Scrambled Egg Patties 


Plasmon Butterflies 


Tomato Paste for Sandwiches 47 


Almond Cakes... 


Plasmon Bread... 


Chocolate Cake 



,, Wholemeal Bread 


Cherry Cakes ... 


Peach Cakes 


Cocoanut Biscuits 

. . . 


Swiss Roll 


Lemon Cake ... 


Sponge Cakes ... 


Plasmon Special Ornamental 




. . . 


Sponge Fingers 


Plasmon Tea Buns 


Wine Biscuits 


,, Cheese Cakes 





Beef Tea 



Invalid Jelly ... 

- 56 

,, Plasmon ... 

. . . 


Lemon Sponge 

- 56 

Baked Apple Pudding 


Mushroom Cutlets 

•• 55 



Plasmon Blancmange ... 

.. 56 

Cheese Biscuits 


,, Wine Jelly ... 

•• 57 

Egg Jelly 


Tomato Cutlets 

•• 55 

Fish Custard 



Bechamel Sauce 

• • . 


Sweet (Arrowroot) 

.. S 8 

Brown Sauce ... 


Sweet Sauce ... 

.. Co 

Cream Sauce ... 


Tomato Sauce ... 

.. 60 

Chutney Sauce 


White Sauce 

.. 58 



66a, Farrlfijjdon Street 


56, Duke Street 

Grosvcnor Square 


M : i- 


l T>a3Unj'^ VI ip^Jf 



• ■* 

| v — f UJC 

W: : 




; ^ -. 

1 r » ,- v 
F* '■ ’ i-? ■ ' 


2 . • 


56, Duke Street 

66 a, Farrffifdon Street 

?nor Square